About Movie


People cannot change their fate,
But with consciousness they can change their destiny.

The miraculous healer "Kuniko" , who improved the quality of life of many lost medical refugees abandoned by doctors and hospitals, and even headed for complete cure.
What is " ISHIKI " that further deepens " REIKI " that she talks about?

We want to convey the miracle of all the thoughts in this movie.

Based on the autobiography of KUNIKO,
Director "Tatsu Sugimoto" evaluated at the Asian Film Festival in the movie "Future Diary",
A world that combines fiction and documentary, presented by screenwriter Tatsuya Kanazawa


Kiki, who lost her parents in an accident, was taken over by her grandmother, who was a maestro in the Austrian orchestra.
"Why do people have to live so hard to die?"
In the wake of her parents' death, Kiki, deeply afraid of death, lost her smile.
At one point she saw an interview with Kuniko .
Words that resonate with her heart about death and the meaning of living,
"She could save Kiki."
Kiki’s grandmother leaves with her to her father's hometown, Japan.

They struggle with Japanese culture, customs, and obstructive relationships.
The flute of the father and mother keeps changing their lives little by little.
Kiki enters the school brass band, aiming for a contest, but there are no good leaders.
School side asks her grandmother to be the leader.
However, her grandmother was not even allowed to act as a leader in a contract with the orchestra.
And the words of Kuniko , who will support their lives ...
Can "ISHIKI” change their fate?